Welcome to JuicyTray!!!

The first tray that will solve your problem with liquids and food residues in the
kitchen and beyond. 
JuicyTray is a silicone tray where a food cutting surface is placed inside, of any
material, e.g. wood or polyethylene, where during the food cutting and processing
process, it retains liquids but also 
small scraps of food. 
There are bulges on the inside of JuicyTray’s base and the cutting board is placed on
top of them. These bulges prevent the cutting board from coming into contact with
liquids during food processing. 
Around the perimeter of JuicyTray, there are raised sides to retain liquids. 
JuicyTray is made of silicone which is flexible and appropriate for contact with food. 
It is easily washed and can be wrapped up, to save space when stored.

Just place the JuicyTray underneath and...

● There is no need to constantly clean the chopping board while cooking.

● With a knife movement you push fluids and residues into the tray.

● There are no spills on the kitchen counter.

● Place it when serving delicious meats, fish and vegetables.

● Flip the chopping board and continue cooking.

● Place it in a location where you only cut bread and you will never see crumbs again.

● Stress-free carving of delicious steaks next to the barbecue.


We recommend a cutting board NO larger than

INCHES 17.3 x 12.5

CM 44cm x 32cm

With JuicyTray

With out JuicyTray

5 Colors

We recommend a cutting board no larger than

INCHES 17.3 x 12.5

CM 44cm x 32cm

Turkey butchering at Christmas

Easy to wash


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